Warum versenden Sie Artikel in mehreren Paketen?

Wir sind seit über 20 Jahren im E-Commerce-Bereich tätig und haben mit zahlreichen Methoden experimentiert, um die Logistik an die Bedürfnisse und Vorlieben unserer Kunden anzupassen.

Zweifellos hat jeder gern Optionen, aber manchmal müssen wir Kompromisse zwischen Geschwindigkeit, Bequemlichkeit und Kosten machen.

The vast majority of customer’s priorities, and our own, are for the lowest possible costs with the most time and resource-efficient convenience – so to this aim, our default free-Versand options is made possible by Versand Pakete by the lowest possible cost routing as they are picked and packed.

We measured the costs of consolidation and due to our volume Versand rates being total weight-based, there’s no cost-savings from consolidation – and without a doubt the greatest cost we all have to manage is time.

So we found the best way to offer Kostenloser Versand on everything, everywhere for the lowest time and product cost to you, is to dispatch each Paket as is filled.

The convenience of receiving goods sooner, in mostly letter-box friendly sized Pakete, without you needing to be home to receive goods is preferred by most customers and further saves costs on minimising both returns and excessive packaging and void-filler materials.

We are reviewing more custom and premium Versand options, so that you will have the option to select these additional services, and will launch them as soon as we are happy our automation systems can deliver these for the lowest possible cost too.



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